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It's more than 30 years that we are specialized in:
  • Pre-spaced and adhesive labels
  • Resin labels
  • Aluminum  plates and panels
  • Polycarbonate and polyester printings
  • Sale of films, frames, screen and pad printing inks
  • Technical assistance
It's more than 30 years that we provide your advertising:
  • Textile printings, calendars, pens, USB pen drives, power banks e much more. Consult our catalogs!
  • Custom signs, banners, flags and exhibitors
  • Custom vehicles and stores
  • Neon sign, as Nuova Adriatica Neon retailer

Targotecnica, headed by Gianpaolo Crivellaro, was born in 1989 and today is an artisan company with a staff of fifteen people who have completed and extensive work experience in screen printing.

Grown over the years has now gained its own independence in graphic design production, to develop films and frames, in screen printing, in plotting, in the cutting, in the finishing, in the resin and in the machining such as metals cutting.

Customers acquired over the years shows our ability to guarantee a high quality of our products, speed in order fulfillment, competitive prices and the assurance that they are always ready to meet the customers needs.

Environmental Sustainability

We think we are doing the right thing



Targotecnica Srl
Viale A.Merloni, 12/D
60044 FABRIANO, Ancona, Italy

e-mail info@targotecnica.it
Marketing market@targotecnica.it

Phone +39 0732 627179
Fax +39 0732 629563

P.IVA IT-01512310424

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